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Constipation after childbirth

If you're struggling with constipation after childbirth, you're not alone. Many women experience constipation after giving birth, and there are several explanations for it. Here are five useful tips to combat and relieve constipation. Download the LEIA Health app to learn more about common postpartum issues and access personalized information to facilitate your recovery.

It's common for your digestive system to take a few days to return to normal after childbirth. However, constipation can also occur.

Constipation involves difficulty in having a bowel movement and can be painful. Here are five tips to get your digestion back on track:

  1. Avoid delaying bathroom trips. It's entirely normal to hesitate to use the restroom immediately after giving birth, but the longer you wait, the higher the risk of developing constipation.

  2. Take your time. Try to relax as much as possible when it's time to use the toilet. Avoid rushing.

  3. Hydration and Fiber. Often, increasing your water intake and consuming fiber-rich foods can help alleviate constipation.

  4. Be active within your capacity. Our digestive system becomes more active when we're physically active. Try to move around a bit, but listen to your body and understand its limits.

  5. Consider over-the-counter medications. If the other tips don't provide relief, you can seek assistance for your discomfort at the nearest pharmacy.

" Giving birth was challenging enough, and having to deal with constipation afterward made everything even worse."

If you experience persistent discomfort that doesn't improve, seek medical care at a healthcare center or a midwifery clinic.


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