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Founded by mothers who are passionate about women's health.

The name LEIA, which means "lioness" in Latin, symbolizes the fighting and protective power that we mothers have within us. But no mother should have to struggle alone or without knowledge, which is why we created LEIA Health.


Behind our app are parents and experts in women's health who are here to support and guide you during your first year as a mother.  

// Astrid and Sandra

The team behind
LEIA Health



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Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen

Co-founder & CEO

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Sandra Wirström

Co-founder & CPO

Frame 7138.png

Saga Löfgren

Brand Manager

Frame 7136.png

Caroline Drakenward

Product Manager

Frame 7145.png

León Rueda

Frame 7137.png

Tech Lead

Berglind Sigurðardóttir

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