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Marketing Automation Specialist

About LEIA Health

LEIA Health is a startup based in Stockholm with the vision to reinvent maternal and postpartum health for the digital age. Helping the next 1B parents on a happier and healthier entry into parenthood.

LEIA Health is a parental support solution to help companies increase wellbeing in the workforce by

driving productivity and retention. In combination with our postpartum health tracker offer new parents all information they need in one place, personalized insights into their mental and physical health and recovery plans based on their birth experience. With screening models for postpartum depression and pelvic floor complications, LEIA identifies women at risk already before their appointment with the midwife.


About the role as Marketing Automation Specialist

LEIA Health, a Stockholm-based startup with a vision to revolutionize maternal and postpartum health for the digital age. We’re seeking a dynamic and experienced Marketing Automation Specialist to join our growing team. As a Marketing Automation Specialist at LEIA Health, you will play a pivotal role in developing and implementing marketing automation strategies for both the B2C and B2B business. You are a crucial component in our marketing machinery, responsible for planning, implementing, and managing automated marketing, customer journeys, and developing digital communications.


How you make an impact

You’ll play a key part in enabling our team to deliver our strategic goals. At LEIA Health, each day is different, but you can expect to:


  • Develop and implement marketing automation strategies for the B2C and B2B product and business. Like the user onboarding of the products.

  • Collaborate with the product, design, and marketing teams to ensure consistent messaging and brand alignment.

  • Play a key role in enabling the team to achieve strategic goals around conversion rates, enhancing user engagement, and extending lifetime value through effective marketing automation.

  • Contribute to the establishment of cross-functional best practices for marketing automation.

  • Write compelling copy for marketing materials like push notifications, in-app pushes and emails.

  • Dive into analytics, analyze MA-campaigns run by you, identifying strategic opportunities and implementing improvements.

  • Sharing insights and learnings with relevant stakeholders.


What you bring

You are a Marketing Automation Specialist adept at spearheading the development of user-centric strategies that drive tangible business outcomes. Your passion lies in collaborating with teams to enhance marketing automation practices, guiding them through the establishment of standards and promoting best practices. With an unwavering focus on precision and quality, you ensure consistency across all facets of marketing automation. Your enthusiasm is dedicated to crafting campaigns that inform, captivate, and empower your audience.


  • 2+ years of experience in marketing automation with a focus on B2C or B2B products.

  • Proven experience in developing and implementing marketing automation strategies.

  • Experience with customer journeys, conversion optimization, and the more technical aspects of marketing automation.

  • Possesses a growth mindset and a solution-oriented approach.

  • Good copywriting skills with the ability to create engaging content for various channels.

  • Familiarity with brand guidelines and the ability to maintain consistency across all communication channels.

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a remote or hybrid environment.

  • Fluent in English, as we’re an English speaking company.

  • Skilled in data analysis, adept at identifying areas for improvement


The team could also benefit if you have skills in (not a must):


  • Having prior experience working with is a definite plus.

  • Having prior experience working with both B2C and B2B Marketing Automation is a plus.


What we offer

  • Opportunity to engage, strengthen and support extraordinary parents across the world.

  • A key role in growing an early stage team where you’ll build both the product and the business.

  • Experience building a global tech startup from an early stage.

  • Be a part of a global expansion, where moving into new markets will present new exciting possibilities to connect with local communities and grow both personally and professionally.

  • We are an organization committed to creating and maintaining an inspiring workplace where everyone loves to go to work.

  • 30 days vacation per year.

  • Wellness benefit of 3000 SEK per year.

  • Parental Leave Benefits.



Open to remote and hybrid working.



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