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Your support after birth

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"Thank you Leia for keeping track of how I feel after my delivery. Every mother should have a Leia in her pocket."

- Hedvig, 36


Your complete postpartum guide

Everything you need to know in one place, developed in collaboration with our experts.


Get back to you

Get support in creating a plan to build your inner and outer strength.


Get the support
you need

Take our self-tests and track your well-being over time


New mom -
what does it mean?

Did you know that it takes at least a year to recover physically, mentally, and hormonally from childbirth? 


That's why it's important to understand that there are ways you, as a mother, can seek support.

Some days can be tougher than others, but by taking care of yourself and reaching out for support, you can achieve a healthier recovery.


Using LEIA Health during the first year can be helpful.

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This is how LEIA Health can help you

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Everything you need in one place

With our experts, we support you on your journey by providing all the information new parents need about sleep, feeding, exercise, and more.

Understand and improve your health

Track your well-being with LEIA Health's postpartum depression and pelvic floor tests. Gain insights into your health and receive the support you need to feel your best.

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Your health after birth

Being a new parent can be challenging, and taking care of yourself is essential. We are here to support you a recovery plan, on your terms.

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The app that has helped
thousands of mothers

90% of our users believe that LEIA adds value during and after pregnancy.

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We have helped 20% of our users to identify the risk of postpartum depression

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