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Healthy parents 
Healthy business

Challenges facing new parents today

9/10 experience various challenges after giving birth, including breastfeeding complications, postpartum depression, and birth injuries.

8/10 do not receive necessary support and remain undiagnosed, resulting in a decline in their overall well-being and sick-leave 

9/10 feel unprepared for the time after giving birth.

1/10 men experience postpartum depression.

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37% leave their employer due to a lack
of support from their manager

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30% take sick leave after parental leave


90% of all employees experience a lack of support from their manager during and after parental leave. 

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70% are considering leaving their employer due to health reasons and lack of support.

The absence of a parental leave process in HR tools today, combined with the lack of leadership training in this area, results in an inconsistent and insufficient experience for Managers and Employees 

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LEIA Health improves employees health while optimizing the off- and reboarding process for new parents

1. We start off by improving the employees health by offering data-driven insights about their physical and mental health and the tools to change it for the better. Our unique health screenings enables us to identify risk such as depression at a much earlier stage guiding them to the relevant health care provider decreasing sick-leave.

2. Our Plug & The Play solution acts as a complement to existing HR tools and digitizes the communication process between the employee and their manager to ensure a consistent and personalized experience.


87 x ROI if LEIA Health helps 1 in 4 employees

 Increase well-being, productivity, and engagement among your employees


✔ Reduce workload for HR and Managers

✔ Decrease sick leave and staff turnover

✔ Increase Employer Branding 

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"LEIA boosts well-being, engagement, and breaks stigmas around family planning and parenting. When parents thrive, we all succeed."

Viviane Helminen 
Head of People and Culture at Norrsken Foundation

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“A gentle start and emotional support make a difference. That the employer shows care and understanding before returning to work is invaluable" 

Martina, 32 
Mother of two, Sweden

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“I like that it’s a set structure that I can lean on as a manager. A communications tool that helps me understand this phase in my employees life, especially as I’m not a parent myself.”

Namil, 30
IT-manager, United Kingdom

Parental Leave Support tailored to your employees needs

Parental health is still a stigmatized area, and a one-size-fits-all solution does not work. New parents have different needs, and our solution customizes the process based on their unique circumstances.

As a manager, you receive documentation and recommendations based on your employee's needs, allowing you to provide support in the right way.

With LEIA Health, as an employer, you also gain unique insights into overall needs within your company and tools to improve them.




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