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Healthy parents 
Healthy business

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37% of all new mothers feel isolated when they return to work and consider leaving their current job. 


91% of all parents report a lack of support upon returning to work. 

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SEK 800,000 is the average cost of replacing new mothers who quit after their parental leave. 

Challenges facing new parents

9/10 experience various challenges after giving birth, including breastfeeding complications, postpartum depression, and birth injuries.

8/10 do not receive necessary support and remain undiagnosed, resulting in a decline in their overall well-being and quality of life.

9/10 feel unprepared for the time after giving birth.

1/10 men experience postpartum depression.

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A valuable investment for you 

Leia Health is specifically designed to meet the needs of new parents.


Unique insights enables you to build a parental support system that enhances productivity and retention while mitigating risk and reducing costs.

87X ROI of Leia Health help keep one out of four employees 

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"LEIA boosts well-being, engagement, and breaks stigmas around family planning and parenting. When parents thrive, we all succeed."

Viviane Helminen 
Head of People and Culture at Norrsken Foundation

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“A gentle start and emotional support make a difference. That the employer shows care and understanding before returning to work is invaluable" 

Martina, 32 
Mother of two, Sweden

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“I like that it’s a set structure that I can lean on as a manager. A communications tool that helps me understand this phase in my employees life, especially as I’m not a parent myself.”

Namil, 30
IT-manager, Sweden


Parental support - tailored to your needs

With Leia Health, you can build a comprehensive support framework for parents, attracting and retaining top talent.


Gain valuable insights into the specific needs of employees for a sustainable return to work.


Identify individuals at risk of mental or other health issues early on, enabling preventive measures and reducing absenteeism.

Integrate your preferred healthcare provider to enable earlier diagnosis and treatment 



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