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Welcome to LEIA

We are so happy that YOU have found your way to LEIA and that we can be part of your fourth-trimester journey. Because yes, it exists. And it's time we started talking about it as this trimester focuses on YOUR recovery as a new mom.

We created LEIA to give other women the support we ourselves lacked when we became mothers. Between us, we have experienced birth injuries, dizzying happiness, panic attacks, tears of happiness, loneliness, and everything in between. We know mothers because we are mothers. And we feel that mothers deserve more knowledge about the postpartum period.

Babies are amazing, but so are mums. Doesn't matter if you've pushed your darling out of your vagina, or had your abdominal muscles cut open. You're a fighter, a protector, and a force of nature and that's why we chose the name LEIA, meaning Lioness in Latin.

No woman is an island, we believe every new mum needs a dream team. So we've put it together for you. Behind LEIA are marvelous mums and women's health specialists: midwives, gynecologists, breastfeeding experts, parenting coaches, physiotherapists, postnatal depression specialists, and more.

No mother should be left alone with her feelings, symptoms, and questions about the fourth trimester. Or be afraid to ask for help because of shame or taboo. We founded LEIA to empower you to take back control of your postpartum health. Because knowledge is power and is there anything more powerful than a mother? No, wouldn't think so.


Sandra & Astrid


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