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Tryggare väntan med gravidförsäkring

Maternity Insurance can provide peace of mind and financial support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth journey. The insurance includes you, your baby and your partner.

Maternity Insurance is specifically designed for expectant mothers. It covers complications during pregnancy and childbirth, which are not typically included in regular health and accident insurance. Additionally, it provides the only insurance protection available for the unborn child.

With Trygg-Hansa’s most comprehensive maternity insurance, you can receive financial assistance if the child sustains permanent injuries due to premature birth, during delivery, or because of illness. You can receive up to 600,000 SEK. Additionally, you can get 50,000 SEK for certain diagnoses that the child is born with, such as certain serious heart defects and Down syndrome. The maternity insurance also provides compensation for certain complications during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, severe tears, and emergency cesarean section.

You can take out maternity insurance at any time during pregnancy, if there are no signs that labor has begun. Trygg-Hansa offers two maternity insurances: one that costs 1,250 SEK and one that is completely free.

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