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Sweden’s most popular child insurance

Trygg-Hansa's child insurance provides cover 24 hours a day and includes compensation for both illness and accident. When you sign up before your child turns 3 years old, you’ll receive a 30% discount for the first year.

A child insurance can make a significant financial difference if something serious happens. While compensation from society is important, having your own child insurance can provide a good financial supplement for the entire family when faced with a serious situation. Insurance can also be crucial later in life, for instance, if your child is injured during childhood and as a result cannot work. You can choose an insurance amount of up to 2.4 million SEK.

When life challenges you and your family and societal support is needed, finding the right resources can be hard. Familjehjälpen (Family Assistance) helps you gain an overview by explaining the support your family is entitled to and where you can turn in various situations. Whether it’s addressing individual questions in a brief conversation or tackling more complex issues that require multiple discussions, Familjehjälpen is a highly valued service for Trygg-Hansa’s customers and is included in child insurance.

For over 40 years, Trygg-Hansa has observed, listened to, and resolved most of the challenges that children may encounter. More than half of all children and young people with child insurance in Sweden have it with Trygg-Hansa.

Do as most parents do, give your child Sweden’s most popular child insurance.

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