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Checklist: before leaving the maternity ward

Leaving the maternity ward and heading home with your new family member can stir up mixed emotions. Whether you're looking forward to going home or feeling a bit anxious, it's a good idea to check off a few things at the maternity ward before you're discharged. If you want to learn more about the postpartum period, download the LEIA Health app for personalized guidance and assistance as you bring your baby home.

Postpartum consultation

Consider going over your childbirth experience with a midwife and discussing what happened and how it felt. If you'd like to speak with the midwife who was present during the delivery, arrangements can usually be made for a phone consultation after you've gone home.

Inspection for tears

Ask a midwife to inspect any tears you may have to ensure everything looks fine and that nothing needs to be addressed. Feel free to take a look yourself using a mirror to get a better understanding of the tear's condition. If you've had a more significant tear of grade 3 or 4, it should always be inspected by a midwife or doctor before your discharge.

Breastfeeding observation

A midwife or nurse should observe you while breastfeeding to ensure that the baby has a good latch on the nipple. This can save you a lot of unnecessary pain in the coming days, as nipples are more likely to develop blisters and sores if the baby's latch is too shallow. If you want to keep track of how and when you last bottle-fed, breastfed, or pumped, download the LEIA Health app to try our feeding log.


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