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Understanding parental benefits in Sweden: a guide for parents-to-be

Parental allowance in Sweden is a vital support system for parents, designed to ensure that the early years of a child's life are filled with love, care, and financial security. Whether you are the mother, father, or legal guardian of your child, you may be eligible to receive parental allowance.

This guide will explore the key aspects of parental allowance, from eligibility criteria to the application process, to help you make the most of this essential benefit. Download the LEIA Health app now to get the right guidance before, during, and after your parental leave.

Guide to parental benefit in Sweden

1. Eligibility for parental allowance

If you are the mother, father, or guardian of the child, you are eligible to receive parental allowance.

2. Duration of parental allowance

You are entitled to receive parental allowance for a total of 480 days per child. This includes 195 sickness benefit level days and 45 basic level days for each parent.

It is possible to transfer days between parents, except for a reserved 90 days at the sickness benefit level.

In the case of expecting twins, the total allowance extends to 660 days, with 480 days at the sickness benefit level and 180 days at the basic level.

3. Saving parental allowance days

Many parents opt to save parental allowance days, often for longer vacations while their children are young. Note that you can receive parental allowance until your child turns 12 or completes 5th grade.

However, please be aware that the total combined saving limit for both parents is 96 days starting from when the child turns four.

3. Monthly allowance amount

The amount you receive per month from parental allowance is based on your sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI) if you have or have had an income. It typically amounts to nearly 80% of your salary when taking parental allowance for seven days a week, with a maximum of 1,116 SEK per day.

4. Applying for parental allowance

To apply for parental allowance, the pregnancy certificate issued by healthcare services serves as your notification.

After submitting it to the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), you can conveniently apply through "My Pages" on Försäkringskassan's website. Remember to apply within 90 days after taking the first day of parental allowance.

5. Plan together with your partner

It can be good to take some time to go through the following questions with your partner to ensure you both understand how parental leave works and how you plan to divide it.

  • How do you plan to divide the number of days between you and your partner?

  • Are you considering saving some of the parental leave days for when your child is older?

  • Have you considered how parental leave benefits might impact your household finances?

  • Is there anything else you need to discuss or clarify regarding parental leave benefits?

"I am so grateful that I received the Leia app from my employer when I went on parental leave. It feels safe to return to a workplace that supports the well-being of parents."

By addressing these questions and understanding your parental leave benefits, you can better plan and prepare for this important time in your life.

Please note that this information specifically pertains to the parental leave system in Sweden, and parental leave systems may vary in other countries.


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