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4 tips: how to retain your employees after parental leave

"Am I in the right place? Is there something more I want to achieve?" Parental leave is a time when many pause and reflect on their lives and careers. Here, we provide tips on how you, as a manager, can help your employees find answers to these questions while creating a work environment that supports their personal and professional development.

1. Foster an open and supportive environment:

Create an open and supportive work environment where your employees feel comfortable discussing their goals and career aspirations. By welcoming their thoughts, you demonstrate your genuine concern for their well-being and growth.

2. Recognize shifting priorities:

Understand that parental leave can be a period of shifting priorities. Offer flexible work hours and remote work options when possible. This helps employees strike a balance between family and work life.

3. Support skill development:

Many employees use parental leave as an opportunity to acquire new skills or contemplate their career advancement. Provide support for education or career development, even if it occurs remotely.

4. Maintain communication:

Continue to stay in touch with your employees during their parental leave. A simple "How are you?" can make a significant difference. It shows that you care about them as individuals, not just as employees.

Parental leave can make employees feel like they're in a kind of "limbo." They're not entirely in the work world, but they're not completely disconnected either. By offering support and encouragement during this period, you can help your employees remain engaged and loyal. When they return to work, they'll be even more motivated to give their best.


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