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Sore nipples while breastfeeding?

Sore nipples are a common challenge for many breastfeeding mothers and can make nursing painful and frustrating. However, with the right guidance and understanding, these problems can often be effectively managed, making the breastfeeding experience both more comfortable and enjoyable. Download the LEIA Health-app for more support and tips on sore nipples and our feeding log.

One of the downsides of breastfeeding is experiencing sore nipples, which can make it feel like giving up is the only option. But there is help available. If you have a sore on your nipple, it often means you need to adjust your baby's latch or position at the breast, read our article about breastfeeding positions . Sometimes it's due to the baby having a tight tongue tie, which you can check with your healthcare provider.


Tips for Sore Nipples

To manage sore nipples, it's important to take some specific actions. Firstly:

Ensure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid introducing bacteria into the wound. Another simple but effective measure is to apply breast milk to the nipple before and after breastfeeding. Breast milk has natural healing properties that can aid the healing process and reduce the risk of infections.

Experiment with different breastfeeding positions to find the most comfortable and effective one for both you and your baby. After breastfeeding, allowing the breast to air-dry is a good idea to promote healing and avoid moisture-related complications.

When cleaning the nipples, it's best to avoid soap and water as they can dry out the skin and worsen the problem. Instead, you can use breast milk or a mild wet wipe to clean the area.

If the pain is unbearable, don't hesitate to take a break from breastfeeding and consider hand expressing from that breast to alleviate the pain. You can then feed the baby the milk using a cup or spoon instead.

" I got sore nipples and was in incredible pain, and I was glad to have the LEIA Health app, which had the tips I needed to heal the sores.''

When starting to breastfeed, it may be wise to begin with the breast where you feel less discomfort, as babies often suck most vigorously at the beginning of breastfeeding. If possible, you can also try preparing the breast by hand expressing before breastfeeding, which can expedite milk let-down and reduce the need for intense sucking from the baby. By following these guidelines, you can alleviate discomfort and promote the healing of sore nipples during the breastfeeding period.

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