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Parental education

Almost all first-time mothers participate in the parental education classes organized by maternity care before the delivery. Many first-time fathers/partners also attend. In many places, special father groups are also organized by child healthcare centers (BVC).

Some maternity care centers offer various types of themed groups. These are aimed, for example, at mothers having their second child, young parents, single pregnant women, expecting twin parents, or parents-to-be from different ethnic backgrounds. In parent education classes, you are usually offered meetings both before and after delivery.

Why parent education? Having a child is not primarily a medical phenomenon but above all a social event. Therefore, the main purpose of parent education is to strengthen both the mother and father’s belief in themselves as parents.

Topics usually covered include:

  • Physical and mental conditions during pregnancy

  • Fetal development - follow it in our pregnancy calendar, week by week

  • Delivery and the first time at home

  • Preventive health care - diet, alcohol, exercise

  • The relationship between parents

  • Social information - pregnancy allowance, parental allowance

  • Opportunities for contact and community with other parents

The setup for parenting classes and parent groups can vary, contact your midwife to get information how it works for you if you have any questions about this.

Parent groups 8-10 expectant parents form a parent group. You are grouped so that you are expected to give birth around the same time and, if possible, live near each other. The same group continues, if possible, in the parent education after delivery under BVC’s supervision.

Sometimes, this leads to getting to know each other and meeting for self-organized stroller walks.

Parent groups within MVC (maternity care centers) usually meet 5-6 times, once a week or every other week before delivery, and if possible, once after delivery. After that, BVC takes over the responsibility for parental education with an additional 4-5 meetings.

The midwife or BVC nurse organizes the meetings, leads the discussions, and contributes with their experience. It is you, the expectant parents, who influence the content!

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