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How to disconnect from work during parental leave: 5 useful tips

Parental leave should be a time to disconnect from work and fully dedicate your attention to your baby. Often, however, parents experience stress about work, leading to interruptions and distractions.

Here, we have gathered some useful tips to help you transition more smoothly and disconnect from work during parental leave.

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5 tips on how to disconnect during parental leave

1. Establish clear boundaries

Avoid work-related interruptions by switching off work-related messages and ensuring that family time remains uninterrupted.

2. Take a tech break

Disconnect from work-related platforms to avoid the temptation of checking in or logging in unless it's absolutely necessary.

3. Focus on being present

Be fully present when spending time with your child, and try to let go of work-related thoughts. Being in the moment can help you enjoy the present and make lasting memories.

4. Know your rights

Some countries provide extended parental leave for parents to spend time with their children. Know your parental leave rights. Your employer cannot discriminate against you due to parental leave.

5. Invest in yourself

Parental leave is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Think about self-care activities that make you feel good, such as reconnecting with friends or trying a new exercise routine.

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Experiencing less stress about work during parental leave is an essential step towards fully disconnecting from your career and enjoying your time at home. By setting clear boundaries.

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