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The time before parental leave – how you as a manager can be a significant support

The time before parental leave is filled with anticipation, preparation, and personal reflection. As a manager, you have a unique opportunity to be a valuable support system for your employees as they approach parental leave.

1. Show understanding and listen actively

When an employee approaches parental leave, it's crucial for a manager to show understanding and offer an open-door policy for discussions. Many parents have concerns and questions about how their new family situation will affect their work. Actively listening and providing support and answers to their questions can make a significant difference.

2. Flexibility and adaptation

Parental leave can be a time of uncertainty and changing routines. Offer flexibility in working hours and tasks if possible. This demonstrates your willingness to adapt to your employees' needs as they go through this transitional period.

3. Assist in goal setting

For many parents, parental leave means a time for reflection and setting new goals, both personal and professional. As a manager, you can be a source of inspiration by helping your employees formulate clear goals and supporting them in achieving them.

4. Provide opportunities for education and development

Parental leave can also be a time to acquire new skills or deepen existing expertise. Offer your employees opportunities for training and professional development. This shows your commitment to their long-term career goals and your readiness to support their development even during parental leave.

5. Stay in touch

It's a good idea to stay in touch with your employees during their parental leave if they are comfortable with it. A simple "How are you?" can be meaningful and show that you care about them as individuals.

6. Prepare for a smooth return

Last but not least, help your employees prepare for a smooth return to work. Discuss possible transition plans and work arrangements that can facilitate their reentry into the workforce.



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