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How to keep love alive as a new parent

Are you and your partner experiencing a shift in your romantic relationship since becoming parents? It's common for the closeness you once had to take a backseat during the early years of parenting.

However, there are steps you can take to nurture your bond and ensure the ongoing strength of your relationship.

Here, we have gathered some valuable tips and reflective questions to help you and your partner strengthen and sustain a healthy and loving relationship during this demanding period.

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Tips to strengthen your relationship

1. Open and honest communication

Foster open dialogue with your partner. Discuss your feelings, thoughts, and expectations about the relationship and parenthood.

Dedicate regular time to actively listen to each other and understand each other's perspectives and needs.

2. Equal distribution of responsibilities

Strive for a fair division of childcare and household tasks. Resist falling into traditional gender roles, as this can lead to resentment and criticism.

Ensure both partners feel a sense of shared responsibility.

3. Prioritize personal and couple-time

Make it a priority to carve out time for yourselves both individually and as a couple. Even brief moments each day or occasional breaks can help rejuvenate your relationship.

Consider enlisting help from a trusted relative or friend to babysit occasionally.

4. Practice empathy

Recognize and empathize with each other's situations and emotions. Understand that both parents experience stress and aim to collaborate as a team in raising your child.

5. Show appreciation and support

Remember to acknowledge and appreciate each other's efforts as parents. It's easy to focus on criticism, but genuine support and recognition can go a long way in fostering a positive atmosphere.

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Exercise: simple questions for a stronger connection

Besides these tips, it's also helpful to regularly reflect on and discuss your relationship. Sit down with your partner and go through the questions below. Write down your answers individually and then discuss them together:

1. Do you have open and honest communication with each other?

If not, consider how you can improve the conversation about your thoughts and feelings more effectively.

2. How have your roles at home changed since becoming parents, and how does it affect your relationship?

Recognizing these changes can help both partners find mutual understanding and support for each other.

3. What do you feel is missing in your relationship right now?

This may include emotional needs, quality time, or certain gestures. Identifying these areas can help you work together to address them and rebuild your connection.

4. What do you need more of from your partner?

Express your needs and expectations openly, ensuring that both partners feel heard and understood.

5. How can you constructively handle conflicts or disagreements to avoid negatively impacting your relationship?

Explore strategies like active listening, compromise, and seek professional help if needed.

6. In what ways can you show appreciation and love for each other in your daily lives?

Small acts of love and gratitude can make a significant difference in nurturing your bond.

7. What positive habits can you develop to strengthen your relationship over time?

Consider activities like regular date nights, shared interests, or acts of kindness toward each other.

By regularly reflecting on and discussing your relationship with these questions, you can help preserve and strengthen your bond.


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