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Tech Lead

LEIA Health is a VC funded startup based in Stockholm with the vision to reinvent postpartum and parental health for the digital age. Helping the next 280 million parents have a healthier entry into parenthood. LEIA has been named One of Europe's hottest startups by both Sifted and Wired. 

The Leia  app helps users understand and optimize their postpartum health. Screening Models identify users at risk of mental or physical complications, guiding  them into the healthcare system to enable preventive measures and treatment.  For users not in need of healthcare we create a personalized recovery journey with data-driven insights about their physical, mental and sleep health and the tools to change it for the better. We're currently developing our B2B product where we offer the app as a Parental Leave benefit. 

About the role as Tech Lead

The role of Tech Lead  at LEIA Health offers a great opportunity to make an impact within an ambitious, value driven and entrepreneurial environment that promotes personal development and a collaborative approach.

As Technical Lead, you focus on thetechnical leadership of the Team. Together you manage and run complex technical projects from the planning stage through implementation to delivery, management and support. You are responsible for the technical improvements and future development in our projects. Being a Tech Lead with us means that you get to code but also coach the team, guide the team in the technical decisions, be the point of contact and also plan future development.

What's in it for you?

  • A key role and position that enables you to be part of building and shaping an industry, product and a team

  • Flexible working hours with ability to work remotely

  • Take part of our journey as we grow and approach other markets internationally. An opportunity to make a difference with great impact opportunities for future cross-segment development

  • Be part of a purpose-driven organization with strong company culture on a mission to improve the lives of millions of parents worldwide

  • 30 days of paid vacation per each 12-month period beginning April 1 and ending March 31.

  • Stock options in the company.

  • Health benefits

  • Top up maternity leave compensation.

To rock this position:

  • Since this is an early stage startup, we hope that you enjoy the challenges of building a product from scratch. This involves everything from designing architecture and choosing new tech and tools to be used, to improving the development process and operations.

  • To thrive in this role you should be comfortable making your own decisions and priorities, with the team to help you of course.

  • With a lot of different parties involved, you should be comfortable communicating in English as part of a distributed team.

  • We don't care if you learned to program at university or on your own, but to succeed in this role we believe you have experience building and hosting apps, backend APIs and integrations with other systems.

  •  You know what it takes to develop top-quality software. You know what it takes to drive quality and technical foundation initiatives in app development.

As a Tech Lead your responsibilities will be:

  • Decide and execute on the company's overall tech strategy and architecture in order to develop the current tech stack

  • Work closely with the team to define the product roadmap based on customer needs and technical complexity

  • Lead the development work 

  • Develop the product based on the product roadmap

  • Estimate level of effort and plan work accordingly

Desirable Technical Experience:

  • Hands on experience with TypeScript, React Native, Kotlin, Google cloud, SQL

  • Application development 

  • Infrastructure & cloud experience

  • Release & Change management

Location: Norrsken house, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Employment type: Full time position.

Effective Start date:August/September 2023


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