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Empowering new parents: a checklist for managers

When an employee is preparing to go on parental leave, their transition out of and back into the workplace can significantly impact their experience. As a manager, you have the opportunity to make this process as smooth as possible. Use this comprehensive checklist to ensure a seamless transition for both the employee and your organization.

Before parental leave:

  • Communication: initiate a conversation with the employee about their parental leave plans well in advance. Ensure they are aware of their rights and benefits.

  • Documentation: provide clear guidance on the paperwork and documentation required for parental leave, including any medical certificates if applicable.

  • Leave duration: confirm the duration of the leave and establish expectations for communication during this period.

  • Delegate responsibilities: identify team members who will cover the employee's responsibilities during their absence. Ensure proper training and handover.

  • Benefits: explain the continuation of benefits, such as health insurance, during parental leave.

During parental leave:

  • Stay in touch: maintain periodic check-ins with the employee. These can be informal updates to keep them connected to the workplace.

  • Respect privacy: respect the employee's privacy and their right to disconnect during this time.

  • Flexible return plans: discuss return-to-work plans, considering the employee's preferences and any changes in their role.

After parental leave:

  • Warm welcome: ensure a warm welcome back to the workplace. Acknowledge the employee's return and express appreciation for their contributions.

  • Flexible transition: allow for a gradual transition back to full-time work, if possible, to help the employee readjust.

  • Adjustments: be open to adjustments in the employee's role or schedule to accommodate their new responsibilities as a parent.

  • Feedback: encourage feedback from the employee about their experience and any suggestions for improvement.

  • Support: continue to offer emotional support and understanding as the employee navigates their dual role as a parent and a professional.

By following this checklist, you can demonstrate your commitment to supporting employees during their transition into parenthood, ultimately fostering a positive and productive work environment


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