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LEIA offers a limited number of internships for business students every year. LEIA always strives to be at the forefront of providing innovative and high-quality solutions for women's and family health.

This is also something that companies can now incorporate and offer as a benefit to their employees.


As a student intern at LEIA in the business field, you will have a unique opportunity to work in a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.


We ensure that you gain practical experience and the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in a real work environment.

We believe in constant learning and development, and we look forward to learning from you while providing you with the opportunity to grow and develop within your field.


We are based in Stockholm, but with freedom and responsibility, you can work from wherever you want. If you are interested in doing your internship at LEIA in corporate and business development, please feel free to submit a spontaneous application via email using the button below.

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