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Femtech company LEIA recruits
top talent från kry/livi as new
CTO to build the future of postpartum health

STOCKHOLM, March, 2022 — Femtech startup LEIA announced today that Jens Arvidsson, an early employee of double unicorn kry/livi, has joined as CTO. 

Last month LEIA launched their postpartum health tracker, an app designed to help the 126 million women who experience mental and physical difficulties the year after giving birth, understand and optimize their postpartum health. 

“As we continue to build LEIA we are overjoyed to welcome Jens, who will be integral in building a global and data-driven health solution for women driving innovation in the postpartum space,” says Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen, CEO at LEIA. “Jens will bring an immense wealth of experience and insights from kry that will help us meet the needs of our users and build and scale a product that will help mothers have a happier and healthier entry into motherhood.”


Jens held multiple roles in development and management at kry/livi and was instrumental in both expanding kry/livi's healthcare offering and technical platform to multiple markets in Europe as well as scaling the engineering organisation. 


“During the recruitment process I was very impressed with the passion and energy of the LEIA's founders and found myself feeling that the opportunity to solve this global problem was way too important to pass up. I’m very excited to be joining the team and look forward to growing LEIA and supporting mothers everywhere!” says Jens. 


About LEIA

LEIA is a startup based in Stockholm with the vision to redefine maternal health globally. The postpartum health tracker offers new mothers data-driven insights into their mental and physical health, while screening models for postpartum depression and pelvic floor complications identify women at risk, referring them to the right caregiver. The founders have many years of experience in building and running tech and femtech companies from companies such as CNN, Viaplay, Klarna and Natural Cycles and together with a team of researchers and experts in women’s health, they are now building a product with the vision to change the lives of millions of new parents worldwide.


Press contact

Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen


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