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When everyone wants to hold the baby
LEIA is holding you

Make your journey into motherhood easier with the top post-pregnancy health app

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LEIA helps you have a happier and healthier
transition into motherhood. 


Learn more about your body and mind

Learn about what's happening in your body before and after giving birth through LEIA's chatbot. Screen yourself for postnatal depression and other complications. 


Take control of your health

Be better prepared for your postpartum journey with information curated by midwives, psychologists and other professionals within female health.


Recovery and training at your own pace

Build your mind and body’s strength with a recovery plan that’s tailored to you, your birth, and your life as a mother.


"Why didn't anyone tell me breast feeding was this hard?"

How the app works


All the information you need in one place

Articled and podcasts created by medical experts and backed by science

Difficult to sift through the information that fits you? All mothers have unique challenges and questions. When you tell us about yourself, LEIA matches with the information you needs.

All the knowledge is evidence-based and created by psychologists, midwives, breastfeeding experts, physiotherapists, doulas and more.

The app

Understand and improve your health

LEIA will to screen you for postnatal depression and keep track of your health

Lost among all emotions and symptoms? Give yourself time to check in with yourself and your body. With LEIA you can keep track of your physical and mental health and detect complications prior to meeting with your midwife.


Recovery workouts

Heal and strengthen your Mama Body.

Struggling to feel at home in your new body? Don’t worry, it can take up to a year for the body to find itself after childbirth. With a plan tailored to your type of birth, your temple can recover in the best possible way. 

What moms say about the app

"I wish I had LEIA when I gave birth to my first child. I would have a made a world of difference"

“Now i HAVE to get my third baby so I can use your app”

"I’m positively surprised that LEIA will check in with me everyday, because no-one else does"


Our Team of Experts


Isa Palme Biörck



Shirin Zarur

Licensed physiotherapist


Veronika Palm

Leg. Psychologist


Filippa Forsberg

Parent coach & founder of Kidsology

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Elin Karlsson

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant


Andrea Wehtje

Holistic coach in female embodiment


Nina Campioni

Journalist & founder of the podcast Vattnet Går

Forth trimester

Your fourth trimester

A pregnancy is divided into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. The 4th occurs when the baby is out and lasts for three months up to a year. This is a time when the body heals from birth, hormones go bananas and life is totally changed. 


A bit like a roller-coaster, where down is up and up is down. One day you're floating in mommy euphoria, the next you're sobbing in a chorus with your baby. 


With knowledge, you can prepare. LEIA makes it easier by empowering you with knowledge. Because becoming a mother should make you feel powerful, not powerless.

Co-developed with midwives and medical experts

Don't ask Google, check with LEIA instead!

Get medically vetted information from experts tailored to you. LEIA gives you access to information from a whole bunch of experts in breastfeeding, physical and mental recovery and parenting.


We use a combination of science, AI and self-lived experiences of motherhood to give women knowledge about their own health and the power to change it for the better

Our Story

Founded by mothers who are passionate about women's health


We know mamas, we are mamas. And we feel that mamas deserve more knowledge about the postpartum period. Babies are amazing, but so are mums. Doesn't matter if you've pushed your darling out of your womb, or had your abdominal muscles cut open. You're a fighter, a protector and force of nature and that's why we chose the name LEIA, meaning Lioness in Latin. 


No woman is an island, we believe every new mum needs a dream team. So we've put it together for you. Behind LEIA are marvelous mums and women's health specialists: midwives, gynecologists, breastfeeding experts, parenting coaches, physiotherapists, postnatal depression specialists, and more. 


No mother should be left alone with her feelings and symptoms. Or be afraid to ask for help because of shame or taboos.    


/Astrid och Sandra 


Knowledge is power
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(Still in BETA)

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